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“Tips” on Setting A Good Run

For those hashers who are new to Brisbane Thirsty Hash or … have run for some time but not known or …have “forgotten” the basics of our Hash, here are a few reminders to assist you in setting a good run and keeping our Hash going strong.

Volunteer to set a run on a regular basis (every few months) – advise the Trail Master and Webmistress of the location of the run – at least 2 weeks in advance, ideally 4 weeks.

Write the Run Report for the previous run and email it to On Sex in time to be forwarded to all members, and for the Web mistress to update the website before the next run.

If the Hare cannot be there the previous Thursday it’s up to them to arrange for someone else to write the Run Report. If you agree to “stand-in” for the Hare, please ensure that the task is carried out.

The Hare should select and pre-book a café, restaurant or pub suitable for a Hash group – preferably BYO, with a range of food from $10 - $20. If you have something “special” in mind that costs more than $20 – have it noted on the Hare Line the previous week.

The run should be approx. 50-60 mins in duration, preferably avoiding busy roads and using false trails etc. to try to keep the pack together.

The Brew Master should arrange for the bucket to be "available” to the pack in a reasonable time (within 5 mins. of completion of the run) - if front-runners and short-cutters consistently get back to the bucket long before the pack they should ask the Hare for prior access to, and help set up, the bucket.

Remember - the bucket allowance is two (2) beers OR two (2) glasses of champagne OR one (1) spirits per person. Any more drinks from the bucket are at your cost - to be paid to Hash Cash.

Everyone enjoys a well-set run, timely and well stocked bucket, a good ON ON venue and getting a newsletter (including information on upcoming runs and special events). This can only happen if everyone makes an effort when it’s their turn to set a run.



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