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Thirsty Hash was devised by several drunks sitting around the Full Moon Hotel, Sandgate on Anzac Day 2000 expressing the need for a Brisbane northside mixed hash with runs catering for runners and walkers and an emphasis on social activity.

The "First Run" that followed was symptomatic of the occasion and followed a windy course, lurching from bar to bar of the pub with OS leading the way from Sniffer, Foul Bowels, Need-Her, Daisy and Wagga Rod at the rear

"The bucket will feature and foster future followers
and favour fortuitous frolics"

How Far We’ve Cum

by Wagga Rod
Thirsty Hash 10th Year Magazine, April 2010

Every Hash Club in the world differs uniquely in how the membership wants it to operate.

There are no set rules or regulations, rather a philosophy that you need to enjoy the trail and a drink or two afterwards
Our Hash has developed this simple traditional philosophy into a formula that offers much more than most by additional flourishes.

Just to turn up at a Thirsty run is a pleasure as we meet and greet each other lustily. The runs are not too hard and give our keener runners a good workout with tricky checks and check Backs aimed at keeping the pack together as much as possible and giving the walkers a chance to be very much part of the trail.

From the beginning we have maintained a traditional style bucket with plenty of down down awards for the hares, the novices, the outstanding, the downright ridiculous and the pathetic performers.

The idea of us becoming the Fine Comestibles Hash was stolen from the Eats Restaurant at Eumundi, even though they have been told in no uncertain terms that the opposite is the real truth.

We enjoy our food and with so many wonderful and reasonably priced cafes, bars and restaurants developing in Brisbane over the last few years we enjoy eating and drinking to the fullest each week. Of course we still have the odd night at someone’s home or a BBQ in the park to add alternatives to the weekly run nights.

Discussion at the dinner table each week is lively, interesting and people tend to move around and sit with different people. We are not boring! Our Members come from all walks of life and we have all ages from teens to seventies. Our spirit merged gloriously at the Port Relay in 2002, when a whole busload of Thirsty members threw themselves body and soul into the event creating an image to all the other hashes of a cohesive yet wild and impulsive new hash club that was ready to mix it with the biggest and the best. Winning the relay 4 times since was inevitable following that first outing.

Our style has been apparent from the beginning and our various hash shirts have created our impressive group appearance in purple and green.

More than anything else creating our style is the club’s already impressive singing and dancing acts that have become our trademark.

The future is bright as long as we stay with the simple formula where hash becomes life itself and we enjoy every living moment of it.


Thirsty's 13th Birthday, 2013

a re-enactment of the first run at the place where it all began - the Full Moon Hotel, 118 Eagle Tce, Sandgate.

Image below shows the six founders - from left, Wagga Rod, OS, Daisy, Foul Bowels, Need Her and Sniffer.

mock-up of first run


Beer glasses



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